These are the things I love, and use on this physical plane. Click on pics!
Foundations of our digestive system ➡️ come down to how much nutrition we absorb VS. how much toxins we eliminate. I suggest a detox protocol twice a year in order to cleanse our insides. A high quality water fast is standard. However, if you want to be active, “anabolize” your system, and lose fat: I have seen 100s of people transform with this program.
These guys are the only ones to sell raw spring water. In fact, in 2018 they were raided (dea, or fda, I forget) and told what they were doing is illegal. And that selling raw water is a crime. So what they had to do, was label the “substance” that they were selling as a food supplement, not water. And they were able to get around the law. So if you want water that is as it flows in nature: this is your ONLY option.
I love these sandals. Sun on my head and bare-feet on the ground is standard. However, can’t be barefoot everywhere, So these go with me everywhere↙️
All spring water that you buy in stores is treated in some way or another. In California it is required. So even tough it says “spring water from 2000ft below the surface of Anartica. If it is in the stores, it is still treated. ➡️
Everyone always asks me about the brush I use. This ↖️ is it
⬅️Have you ever swallowed your toothpaste? Probably not, because it’s usually made of harmful ingredients. This toothpaste is so good for you, that you swallow it when you are done! Get the complete oral kit, and check out the science involved in these mouth care products.
These are some of my favorite titles and descriptions of some of the books I attained wisdom from.⤴️
These two books are my most recommended books. You must read Seth Speaks first, before reading the next one. However the next one is much more valuable. It’s like the advanced course.➡️
This CBD is the highest quality, lowest priced organic, pesticide, herbicide, chemical free on the market. Your 1st bottle is only $50 with the code “discount”. ⬅️
The story that I was told about shilajit when I first started taking it 7 years ago: ⬆️ The people who were living off the land would notice constantly climbing way up on top of a mountain. And when the monkeys came down, they would ravenously have sex. So one day they followed the monkeys up the mountain, and saw that they were liking these black rock like substance. It was actually fossilized plants, and microorganisms that was spewing out of the top of this mountain. This is where shilajit comes from. There are many many, benefits from consuming the trace minerals in this substance.
USE CODE “discount” for biggest discounts. And if cleanses aren’t your thing there are still plenty of superfood products that I recommend everyone I know be intaking.