These are awesome podcasts I have had the luxury of being asked to come share my perspective on. The most recent podcast are at the top.

THE HAPPINESS FREQUENCY: Ra,Human coach joins us to talk about consciousness, success, food , human evolution & true happiness & how to get there. ✨🕊🌞

REAL CHALK: Let’s get weird with Ronnie Teasdale.

We touch on some MIND BLOWING stuff, including orgasms (a few other sex topics), the “reality” of “multiple realities”, and even religious beliefs (for a little). It will be the easiest and fastest listen you’ve had on a podcast in a while… And when it’s over… You’ll be thirsty for more.

BREAKING ORDINARY: On unicycling, water, sound healing, and supercharging your life.

This is the longest podcast I’ve ever recorded, and it’s a conversation I enjoyed thoroughly. We get into “weird” stuff right out of the gate, though Ronnie is about as un-weird as it gets. It opened my eyes to many new intriguing concepts such as optimizing performance without training, as well sound healing and sunlight. Enjoy!

FOUTRESS RADIO: Aligning With the Natural Elements to Create Your Reality and Your Life.

Ronnie Teasdale is a Humanology Teacher, Reality Hacker and CoCreator of his reality.  He uses our most basic tolls - light, air, water, earth, and ether to live in optimal health and create his ideal reality.  He shares a lot of his practices and techniques with us today....


- Sungazing - what, how, and why?

- Using light as energy and fuel 

- Creator vs Victim mindset

- Transdimensional energy during twilight hours 

- Understanding all feelings are from within, allowing ourselves to be happy

- Manifesting intentions into physical reality (creating your dream life)

- Nude sun bathing, urine drinking, and more!

STRONG LIFE PODCAST: Mystery and magic of life.

This is a deep and eclectic conversation on the magic and mystery of this thing we call LIFE.

Ronnie discuss topics ranging from the gym business to happiness, getting strong without training, the pain that comes from sports & CrossFit....

- How Ronnie started his training business off his motorcycle

- How Ronnie used Craigs List to grow his business of 1 on 1 training, which was a squat rack in the bedroom of his apartment

- Owning multiple gyms and happiness?

- Do we work too much?

- What happens to Coaches who become entrepreneurs?

We also discuss how the earth and nature affect our brain and in turn affect our bodies....

If you can listen and nod your head in agreement, there may or may not be something wrong with you!

JOYFULL: It’s happening now.

This revolution is happening now. Have your mind blown. Ronnie and I discuss Mount Shasta, how Ronnie got into Crossfit, got out of it. How Ronnie was able to make things occur by the power of his own meditation. Breath work, energy, the sun, and more. Follow him by teacher name Ra of Earth. Be ready to learn.