If you intend to be super cool at ngiht clubs, you will know all the right people, know the nights to go, what friends are best to take to what club, and even the flows of who will be at what place and at what times they show up.

And when you are in this flow, magic will happen for you. The experiences you draw to yourself will be either for your progression or your learning of your chosen life path. And this is amplified when all aspects of yourself are in alignment.

Accepting responsibility of everything in the field of existence will grant you conscious control of your creator powers.

As you gain control of one dimension of your reality you will be opened up to wider landscapes.

This reality we find ourself in is fluid. And we have the ability.
to perceive the multidimensional nature of it, based on our awareness.
The more we are able to accept different perspectives: the more we can see. A master is one who can hold many perspectives, including contradicting ones, at the same moment. This is the way to a full spectrum life experience.

The realties we find ourselves in, are of our direct design. If you look around yourself right now, you will determine that everything you see is of your creation. Everything there, is there for you. Even the experience itself is of your doing. It doesn’t matter if you love what you are seeing or hate it,… it is of your intention that you stand in the reality that you presently are in. Even this message, is your creation, created for you, by you.

With all that said. How do we create? How do we know we are creating? And how can we get the things that we want?

Starting at 3 years old, I played hockey, pretty much everyday, till I was 23 years old. During that time I achieved degrees in exercise science and psychology. And began studying the greater aspects of our existence, such as:
the universe out side of our location in time and space, inner realms through meditative arts, the astral realms through occult teachings, and the full spectrum energetic body through eastern sciences.
I moved and opened up several gyms in Downtown Los Angeles, and operated them for 10 years. Furthering my studies and my experience working with humans.

Through these experiences, I’ve noticed some fundamental truths arise. Primarily: YOU ARE AS YOU ARE.

“Being” is much more powerful than “doing”.

Your lifestyle determines your reality. Example:
A healthy person, is healthy. Everything in their existence is done through the lease of health. Even when they are doing things that could be “unhealthy” they are aware of their choices and consequences. Health turns them on, they exist for it. They are in the flow of health.

Our existence is in direct correlation with our intentions. And this may extend outside of our current lifetime.