Breath and Liquid Sunshine

Get these breathwork drills FOR FREE to repeat 4x while going through a 40 day detox program:

1: Breath to develop the power of Truthful Speech.
2: Retention with Stomach Pumps.
3: Full System Activation.
4: One minute Breath.
5: Root Energy Pump.
6: Spinal Flex Breath Retention.
7: Balancing the Ida and Pingala.
8: Stomach Vacuum Pumps, Organ Massage.
9: Double Time
10: Internal Vibrating Mantra

Kriyas included will be:

1. Emotional Steering through Realities
2. Pineal Gland Kriya
3. Kriya for the Eyes
4. Restructuring Brain Chemistry and Lemurian Light Mantra
5. Connecting the Body, Mind and Soul to Cosmos and Earth
6. Aura Building and Antenna Calibrating & Boosting


Reducing calories is the only proven way to extend life. The reason for this is how the body packs on fat. You see, fat serves a very important function in the body. If we are constantly eating the body will reserve fat in these places:

-Stomach, and in other subcutaneous spots on body.
-Bone Marrow
-Blood Vessels

Our body stores fat there so that it can use it when the “winter” comes. And as we do, the body stores stem cells in our fat, because they will come in handy when there is no food around. However as we all know, there is no “winter” times now-a-days. The regular starvation season has been eradicated from our culture. So we keep piling on fat.

More about this here:

ANABOLIC pesticide and parasite cleanse, paired with 10 different prana enhancing, anti aging, organ regenerating breath work drills, and 6 kriyas to connect you to your greatest self.

All of the foods that come in this kit are organic, natural and super super clean. All herbs and plants. I personally am friends with the designer of these foods. And the man is obsessed with bringing health to the world. There is nothing but the best ingredients, in scientifically calculated doses for the cleanliness of your body.
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Once you order products with code “health101”, you will be activated to receive FREE breath work. And will be added to group cleanse Facebook page. 

PLEASE EMAIL ME WHEN ORDER IS MADE, to receive breath work, or if you have any questions.

Going through a cleansing program, not only clears the parasites and the glyphosate (active ingredient in roundup used by Monsanto) out of the system. It also gives the body a chance to off load its fat stores, and release all those stem cells.

Because the food is limited to super foods and or a few fresh fruits or light veggies a day, the body will be clear and primed to receive life force energy from breath, or as it’s known in the east “prana”. These drills done in a juice fasted state will optimize the function of them, which includes balancing the hemispheres of the brain, the organs, emotional and energetic states.

With all that said, I want to share my breath work drills for free to you all, while you do this cleanse. So you can experience a clean body, clear mind, and a lightness only felt while practicing breathing while consuming lots of liquid sunshine!

As far as the nutritional program goes. There is 10 days that are more like a juice fast. With fresh, living enzymes, evaporated-powdered green juice. And 30 days of nutritional support while you ear clean

The kit, comes with the green juice, and herbs for parasites, and the only herbs on the market that are proven to remove glyphosate (active ingredient in round up, from non-organic crops) from your body system.
As well as a tart cherry concentrate to enhance sleep quality, so the body can repair.

The last thing it comes with is something else that no other cleanses have: An anabolic component so you don’t lose precious lean muscle: Pure Amino Acid tabs with 99% absorption rate. These vegan tabs have over 30 double blind studies done on them, that prove they do things that no other form of protein do for our muscles. The absorption rate of these aminos is more than double any animal products you can consume. 10 grams of these tabs is equivalent to 350 grams of fish, poultry or meat.

We always recommend everyone start with 40 day cleanse. Then continue to support your nutrition by staying on the products, as an abundance of micronutrients long term will normalize the state of health in the body.

And unless you are super clean, or want a cheaper option: there is a 10 day option. The 40 day is a much better buy. And all of these superfoods come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

I have seen many of my old gym members (I used to own gyms) come out of this cleanse much more leaner, happier and healthier. And if they continue with the superfoods, they do more for themselves in a few months than I seen them do in years of training. This is really next level nutrition!